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Object(s) - Production Update

We’d like to start by saying thank you, to all of those that have followed us to this point in our journey. The early access to the webstore gave us some great feedback about what you gravitated towards and both Eddie and I were ecstatic to see the response. We appreciate the support and are so eager to officially launch in the weeks to come.
For those of you who supported our pre-launch campaign and ordered product, I just wanted to give an update on where we are in the process;
Some of our factory partners have closed in the midst of our initial production run; layoffs to hourly factory employees, furloughing others, and the unknown timeline of when our partners will be operational again. This creates uncertainty throughout the supply chain and for everyone in the process. While we continue to move forward and focus on work and other responsibilities around the company (like web-store - coming soon!), we hope everyone stays patient with us.  The process of launching this brand will take a little bit longer for us, but we are so excited to show you what’s to come.
We will be sending out orders as they are completed. Any orders that have items waiting to be finished, will be sent out when ready.
Some products are in and ready to go, some are on their way. Small items, such as our Art Print, Keychain, Candles, Hat, and Tote Bag are all in house and ready to ship.
Beanies are finished being knit, and currently being sewn, and will be sent out in the next 2 weeks once the woven label and hangtag are added.
Tee’s, Fleece, and Bandana are currently cut and sewn and ready to dye and print. We were able to visit the Dye House last week, to document the process and have attached some visual love your way so you can see the process! Once we are ready to print, we will document as well. (Part of being a small business and one we consciously decided to manufacture in the USA is to be close to the process – we think transparency is important, so when we are able to capture moments of the process “behind-the-scene”, we will share with you.
Because of COVID – we are rushing as much as possible, but can only move as fast as our partners. Please bare with us as we are about a week or two delayed. Government restrictions have slowed the process a bit, where our factories are only allowed to have 25% of the workforce at one time. This means we will be sending product out as quick as possible once production is finished.
Object(s) Team