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Object(s) - Made Close to Home

One of the top priorities for us is to make premium quality product. Though easier said than done, we made a conscious effort in doing so by ensuring we make as many products locally as we can. As a (future) small business, we think it is important to support local vendors. It is also a key aspect of ensuring we are as close to the product as possible.
Eddie and I both have product design and manufacturing backgrounds with large companies, buying and producing thousands and thousands of units at a time – something we, at Object(s), don’t want to do, nor can we. So finding local vendors and building relationships are crucial to our success.
At the foundation of each collection we design, are Tee’s and Fleece - our core staples. We chose to partner with factories in Los Angeles, California to make these. This helps us logistically – being local, we are able to visit the factory on a days notice and work through kinks in prototyping, tweak printing and dye techniques, and meticulously troubleshooting any issues, with our partners face-to-face. It is these relationships we have grown to love and depend on as a small company.
A challenge with this setup is at a time like the present. COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has affected everyone; both on a large scale overseas with the supply chain, and locally with everyone working from home and practicing social/physical distancing. While the world adjusts to this pandemic and the stressors it brings, we are cautiously optimistic about what the future holds. We are patiently waiting for our factories in LA to re-open, and are able to finish our goods for our initial collection. Please continue to be patient and keep spreading the word to friends and family in supporting us while we seek to launch in the near future. 
Object(s) Team