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Injection 001: Thermophilic Eubacteria

With the focal point for this injection of product is the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. To best explore the vivid landscape and intensity in color variation, we sought to look outside traditional dye techniques to ensure we capture the true beauty of this natural phenomenon. We partnered with Riverside Tool & Dye, who make some of the most intricate and detailed dye techniques we have seen. Not tie dye, ice dye, or marble dye, this secret technique has been honed and crafted by Riverside, and evolved over years of experience. 
Partnering with Riverside T&D let us express ourselves without limits. Our “special dye” process is an interpretation of the Grand Prismatic spring in our own way – incorporating all colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring, with a modern understated expression.
As a counterpoint, our other graphic is a more direct interpretation. A traditional graphic stemming from the Spring itself. We pulled out our favorite strains of bacteria found within the Spring and profile them on the reverse. All 3 unique strains of bacteria react and thrive at different temperatures, developing into 3 different vivid colors which are highlighted on the front graphic. Straight to the point.
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